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  • 09:14:22: Avoid Design Burn Out By Limiting Client Revisions - great article featuring @chrisspooner here:
  • 09:21:28: From the Harvard Business Review: The Über-Connected Organization (why orgs should consider social media connectivity)
  • 10:01:49: @DaniBurns27 Congrats! Hope your first day is exciting and fun!
  • 10:17:06: Off work again today, but taking Jessi to her optomotrist appointment in Herndon. Tonight is Building Your Own Theology class at BRUU. :)
  • 11:49:24: Lots of fallen limbs on Hunter Mill Rd. Be careful driving out there if you're going out in the snow. Disappearing lanes also a problem.
  • 16:34:31: Back from driving adventures and am honestly glad to be safe at home again. Watching Iron Man and taking a nap. Beef stew in the crock pot.
  • 18:33:24: @katewrightson Absolutely. Something I want to know how to do before I have to do it! ;)
  • 18:53:03: @MeghanJG If it's the government or likewise, they will give "administrative leave", which is leave with pay.
  • 19:59:17: @theplaiddress Awesome! :) YOU GO, GIRL! ;) I'm waiting to hear about funding from a school, as well. :)
  • 20:17:27: Keith and Virginia are here and Jessi and I are playing Mario Kart Wii with them while drinking beer. :) Good times.
  • 22:23:40: @theplaiddress Same here!! :)
  • 22:46:38: @Osyrn I approve.
  • 22:57:26: @Osyrn Actually, I was going to send out a Tweet/msg re: #sweetteeth. I want to be outside this weekend (or at least not at home!) You?
  • 22:59:10: @Osyrn @Choodomir @theplaiddress @gracecunning @omphale23 Thinking of postponing #sweetteeth so I can get out of the house. Thoughts?
  • 23:12:26: @Osyrn @theplaiddress Thinking postponing #sweetteeth til the first weekend in March or so due to Cabin Fever :P
  • 23:15:36: RT @johncmayer: And that's what adulthood is: you wake from the nightmare and realize there's no bigger bed to climb into. (via @atlimbo)

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