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i like to watch cartoons and action movies, but have a soft spot for fairy tales. i believe in self-motivation and in self-fulfilling prophecies. i have piercings and tattoos. i blog, journal, write fiction and poetry. i like to paint. i never buy less than two books at a time and do the same with albums, which are really the only things i collect. after growing up in a small town in maine, i moved to germany for a year when i graduated high school. upon my return, i found myself in washington, dc for college. i spent a semester of my junior year abroad in the middle east. since i've graduated college, i've remained in the dc metro area and worked in civic education with high school and middle school students. now i work in a non-profit office downtown. i want to be a graphic designer. i have a passion for art, good food, bright clothing, and am still not convinced i'll ever really grow up.


101 in 1001

Jan. 1st, 2011 11:52 am
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Completed: 32/101 (01/14/2010)

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