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  • 00:41:18: I love drinking with my church friends. Best time ever!
  • 00:43:25: @Choodomir sure. No big. :) Hope you're having a great weekend.
  • 01:57:35: Time to get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow (today) is the first time I don't have to get up early in weeks! :) <333 xoxoxo
  • 09:13:15: Since I'm up, decided to start spring cleaning with files on the computer. Something about putting things in the right folders... :)
  • 09:40:07: My downloads folder is finally completely empty. Score!
  • 11:47:04: @muggleglum Very nice. Have been in a very Firefly mood lately, myself. Maybe will reward myself with a few eps after cleaning :)
  • 11:47:53: After coffee and breakfast with the roomie, am onto cleaning out closets with open windows - lots of light streaming in. LOVE it.
  • 11:51:47: A little old school No Doubt to rev up this cleaning action. Tragic Kingdom is such a great album. #listeningto
  • 12:15:22: @heather11483 @drewmaniac Also one of my top albums of all time. I miss punky No Doubt. Early Gwen = awesome!
  • 12:17:09: All this hype about the iPad makes me want one... but I don't really need one. #stopmakingmewanttheshiny
  • 12:18:46: @vargasl OMG. Precious!! :) Tell her that she made me smile today!
  • 12:19:46: @Osyrn :( No frowning allowed today. Call me if you need anything. P.S. If you change your mind, hookah invitation still stands.
  • 12:20:24: RT @RevRunWisdom: To love is to commit oneself without guarantee,, To love is an act of faith! (#leap) #thoughtoftheday #radicalselflove
  • 12:26:36: @la_faerie OMG that sounds awesome. Jealous :P
  • 12:58:29: @SarahWurrey Sounds fab. I'm spring cleaning, switching out summer/winter clothes, and then setting up hookah on the deck later :)
  • 13:19:33: What Women Sound Like To Men /via @TheFrisky Bwahahaha.
  • 13:25:44: @atlimbo Fun times. :)
  • 13:43:22: Spring cleaning is cathartic, both good and challenging.
  • 14:24:53: Headed outside for a while, but spring cleaning is off to a good start. YAY!
  • 17:43:03: Do things that are signicicant! (its easy 2 make a buck,,, but much harder 2 make a difference!!) /via @RevRunWisdom
  • 17:45:07: @zaneology That sounds so decadent. Enjoy!
  • 23:52:28: @GoKTGo Aww. Exciting. :) Gotta love spring fever.

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