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  • 07:52:09: @iroamaround Really? That's awesome!
  • 08:25:10: @vboykis hahaha. No wonder why the other lady had evil laser eyes.
  • 08:36:27: Jump start with some coffee. How are you all this morning? (@ Starbucks)
  • 09:02:24: Seriously love the academics I work with. Not easy, but they are awesome people doing important research in social work & aging. So grateful
  • 09:15:00: RT @romenesko: American University students want student columnist fired over don't-cry-date-rape piece. #feminism #fem2
  • 09:47:15: @montiac712 That's nice! I'm so glad Spring is finally here! Sun = so nice. :)
  • 09:54:48: @arikhanson @vedo @chuckhemann I've already had a venti espresso drink from Starbucks. How many cups of coffee does that equal?
  • 10:00:23: @arikhanson Haha. Guess I have you all beat, then :P
  • 10:14:55: @vedo @arikhanson @chuckhemann At least caffeine's a legal and (usually) productive addiction. ;)
  • 10:45:27: Coffee cup no. 2 #buzzbuzzbuzz Ready to kick today's butt.
  • 10:49:51: @atempestcyclone Hahaha. I think my heart would explode today if I did that! However, #caffeineisahighlyaddictivedrug #trufax
  • 10:50:45: RT @MadysonDesigns: What would really be awesome would be a Starbucks delivery. /via @lyndit *Hey @Starbucks are you listening? *!!!
  • 10:51:49: @MadysonDesigns Haha. Nice. Let me know once you've got it and we can do a x-country road trip! ;)
  • 10:56:49: #justfortherecord @birdnbeemusic's covers of Hall & Oates songs are my favorite thing right now. Great innovative takes on rock n soul.
  • 11:00:56: @zentaratea As if I didn't want an iPad enough already! What a fun event! :)
  • 11:08:05: RT @cubanalaf: BusinessWeek: The Demise of the Mad Men
  • 11:09:42: MLK National Memorial will be powerful! Natural elements-water, stone, tree = themes of justice, democracy and hope...
  • 11:11:19: @kanter Quite the opposite, actually. I'm more productive and efficient now that I use Twitter, read blogs, etc.
  • 11:12:44: @tjdietderich Calvin and Hobbes is a great source of wisdom on many subjects. ;)
  • 11:16:44: @tjdietderich WIN.
  • 11:35:45: @Osyrn I'll have to give it a listen soon. I'm still stuck on She & Him and The Bird and the Bee.
  • 11:39:51: @Osyrn WHAT?! Unacceptable. I'm going to beat you up when I see you tomorrow, if I see you. Still not sure what @theplaiddress & I are doing
  • 11:43:55: @Osyrn Haha. No worries, really, But it's really good (listening now). A bit different from Vol. 1, but equally as good, if not better.
  • 12:00:21: @zentaratea Haha. Good times.
  • 12:04:36: #inboxzero! Onto wome web work. How's everyone else doing?
  • 12:11:02: What Mac Apps can you not live without?
  • 12:36:55: Having lunch outside (@ Franklin Square Park)
  • 12:44:13: Wondering about usefulness of Foursquare? Many people said that same thing when they first joined Twitter /via @TDefren
  • 12:58:34: In line for (@ Curbside Cupcakes)
  • 13:17:11: @la_faerie YAY for that. It's sunny here, too. Beautiful! :)
  • 13:23:41: RT @amberportercox: If you remember who you thought you would be, and you realize you aren't there yet - regroup, and then go be that person
  • 13:26:40: 1 reason we might not think we deserve the Good: - from @jessicawakeman / @thefrisky via @atlimbo #radicalselflove
  • 13:31:38: @theplaiddress No problem, honey. I hope you have a good one. We'll do something soon.
  • 13:42:11: @atlimbo I really want to see Runaways. Haven't heard anything about some of the others. I should research. ;)
  • 13:44:13: @corysd Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was fab.
  • 13:51:10: @montiac712 See, and I just think @thedavidcook's face is priceless. I love how he's on the edge of his seat!
  • 14:45:11: @AmberCadabra Bwahahaha. I <3 you, Amber.
  • 15:10:04: @AmberCadabra There's a simple solution to that - turn it off! ;)
  • 15:14:44: AWESOME. Am going to @briansolis and @radian6 webinar on Friday and may bring along others from my office. I RULE! :) #babysteps
  • 15:27:09: So excited that my boss is on board w/ the webinar for Fri. Taking online involvement 1 step at a time, being strategic. #littlevictories
  • 15:39:37: @PRCog OY. *shakes head*
  • 15:55:42: @curtaincalls Hahaha. I <3 you. And, yes, yes it does. ;)
  • 16:27:53: @montiac712 I literally just *facepalmed* when I read that. LOL
  • 16:34:48: @montiac712 Nicely done! ;)
  • 16:35:48: RT @DesignerDepot: Stop Designing Logos, Start Developing Brands
  • 17:14:54: Es freut mich sehr wenn ich mal Deutsch in der nahe gesprochen hoere. :)
  • 17:44:55: Out on th patio for a drink with the lovely @bratkartoffel (@ James Mackey's Public House)
  • 19:53:14: @ellenrossano yum! I miss Margarita's. Love their fajitas and chimis.
  • 20:14:30: Wish there were commuter-only quiet cars on Metro. Of course, if there were, the tourists would be to oblivious to comply. #commuterhell
  • 21:24:39: Get Charlotte Sometimes' song Ooh Love for free in exchange for one tweet: #TFAT
  • 21:30:53: @heather11483 Hahaha. GO HEATHER!

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