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Name:a cocktail waitress who thinks she's an artist
Birthdate:Aug 27

sara. 27. mainer. virginian. unitarian. universalist. wiccan. pagan. buddhist. humanist. democrat. blogger. traveler. poet. journalist. twitterer. femme. romantic. voluptuous. taken. proud. add. brunette. fashionista. singer. tv-watcher. fangirl. artist. lover. reader. novelist. movie-buff.

drives barefoot with the windows down & the wind in her hair. blasts journey. never more comfortable or alive than at the ocean. enjoys witty banter, late night conversations, early morning cups of coffee, & copious amounts of tea.


i didn't learn to dance until the age of 18 and had my first kiss at 20. i like to watch cartoons and action movies, but have a soft spot for fairy tales. i believe in self-motivation and in self-fulfilling prophecies. i have three piercings other than my earlobes and two tattoos. i like to paint, but never make time. i never buy less than two books at a time, which are really the only things i collect. i grew up in a small city in maine and, after graduation, moved to germany for a year. upon my return, i went to college at american university in washington, dc and spent a semester of my junior year abroad in the middle east. since i've graduated college, i've remained in the dc metro area and worked in civic education with high school and middle school students, as a office manager and accounting personnel in an eco-friendly non-profit publishing company and now i work in grant administration for a non-profit that support social work research in the field of aging. i want to be a graphic designer. i have a passion for art, good food, bright clothing, and am still not convinced i'll ever really grow up.

books: the red tent, the mists of avalon, the dante club, ragtime, a tale of two cities, a moveable feast, the secret life of bees, the giver, les miserables, jane eyre, watchmen, the hobbit, the scarlet letter, stardust, the clan of the cave bear.

tv shows: buffy the vampire slayer, angel, firefly, dollhouse, pushing daisies, wonderfalls, dead like me, bones, grey's anatomy, the oc, mad men, true blood, 30 rock, how i met your mother, gossip girl, the west wing, being human, merlin.

music: keane, rooney, regina spektor, kate nash, the smiths, boy kill boy, death cab for cutie, rilo kiley, the postal service, sarah bareilles, duffy, adele, tegan and sara, snow patrol, simon and garfunkel, the doors, creedence clearwater revival, ani difranco, dar williams, tori amos, sarah mclachlan, enya, jewel, christina aguilera, demi lovato, kate earl, charlotte sometimes, david cook, kelly clarkson, coldplay, ray lamontagne, the bird and the bee, inara george, ben lee, frou frou, the ditty bops, metric, journey, ac/dc, vienna teng, ozzy osborne, black sabbath, the grateful dead, the beatles, the rolling stones, the who, pink floyd, yeah yeah yeahs, jazon mraz, heart, stevie nicks, fleetwood mac, lenka, charlotte martin, missy higgins, no doubt, ben folds, bush, the cardigans, the cranberries, sixpence none the richer, jenny lewis, eisley, the weepies.

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