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  • 07:07:25: Good morning, Starshine... the Earth says 'Hello'.
  • 07:37:17: RT @TapestryUU: The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled - Plutarch
  • 07:51:51: @aerialmelodies wohoo! Freelance! You go, girl!
  • 07:54:04: RT @geoffliving: Funny how people see asking for help as a weakness, when in actuality self reliance is a weakness.
  • 07:56:17: Filtering out the noise to find the song.
  • 08:30:14: Headline of the Examiner: Tourist hordes invade District: spend cash, rile residents #trufax #dc
  • 09:07:42: @iroamaround I'm in the same boat. And broke. Not a good combination.
  • 09:11:00: Wrong coffee drink got handed to me @Starbucks this morning. Frustrated I didn't notice it then, but #atleastitscaffeinated
  • 09:18:12: @yurikokinje @heather11483 Ditto that. I love QC. One of the only comics I still read daily.
  • 09:27:07: @TomOKeefe1 That's a rough one. Good luck with the decision-making. I'm sure you'll be happy wherever you end up.
  • 09:28:56: @tjdietderich Laptop, cell, wallet, heirloom jewelry. Having lived through 1, the most important thing is your life. Always remember that.
  • 11:09:27: @tjdietderich It was, but thankfully my parents and I were okay and able to save our dog. Lost pretty much everything else. I was 10.
  • 11:10:11: @tjdietderich Most valuable treasures: family photo albums. Luckily, they were smoke damaged, but not completely gone. :)
  • 11:10:28: @aerialmelodies *clears throat*
  • 11:11:35: a) where did my morning go?! b) love that my friends are friends w/each other on Twitter - small world c) wishing for more coffee
  • 11:21:47: @tjdietderich Yep. Hence the laptop and cell-grabbing ;)
  • 11:22:35: @aerialmelodies P.S. Just do it. ;)
  • 11:26:14: Loving this round-up of clean and light web designs from @sixrevisions :
  • 11:41:00: For those of you who have ever changed a Twitter handle, did you just "rename" yourself or did you start a new account? Why?
  • 11:50:48: @aerialmelodies and my scheming has turned into planning. Whee!!! :)
  • 12:48:11: @carpenyx Ugh. So jealous. Peanut butter M&Ms are my fave!
  • 12:53:26: @zaneology Absolutely agreed. I love bookstores. One of my favorite places to spend time (and money).
  • 13:33:37: Today has been nuts... I can't believe it's not 5 yet.
  • 13:37:01: Snazzy new photo, @sazzy! :) How are you doing today?
  • 13:39:05: @GoKTGo Tattoo? Awesome. What do you want on it? (And if you need help sketching a tattoo, let me know.)
  • 13:40:24: RT @TransitionalTee: That's an awesome way of putting it. It's true in life -- if you don't change and adapt, you'll go extinct. #darwinism
  • 13:41:52: Happy Birthday, @chrisbrogan! Hope you've got one heck of a party planned. :)
  • 13:52:56: Happy Birthday to the amazing @emmacaulfield!
  • 14:09:49: @AmberCadabra I have a hard time with that, too. The best thing for me is to eat more often, but less at a time. I usually forget to eat. :/
  • 15:30:04: @montiac712 OMG she's a people! ;)
  • 16:38:16: Loving these different definitions of success: What's yours?
  • 16:49:42: @TransitionalTee Between 8-11am, 2-7pm, which doesn't really make it easy for a 9-5er. :/
  • 16:50:28: @LindsayMAllen I love early morning, so long as I'm at home, not commuting.
  • 16:54:17: @TransitionalTee Really depends on the type of work; answer could vary. See: - My answer may have changed since.
  • 17:53:21: @vargasl Wish I'd started reading Jane Austen at a much younger age - sadly just started this year!
  • 17:57:40: @vargasl You write fiction? That's fab. I've never finished a book, but have done #nanowrimo for the past 5 years.
  • 17:58:41: @vargasl I thought I'd lost it, but recently found (most of) a draft with about 25k of my best writing. Hoping to finish that one. :)
  • 17:59:27: RT @LawrenceGS I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work - Thomas Edison /via @briancray
  • 18:01:02: @vargasl Awesome! Let's talk writing soon :)
  • 19:29:37: A week, $40, and loads of headache later, I think I finally finished my taxes. #someonegetmeadrink
  • 19:31:16: @vargasl Absolutely! And, screenplays? How cool. Are you doing Script Frenzy?
  • 19:32:03: @sazzy Doing well, lady. Trying to get my but in gear and work on some creative projects, as well as actual work. :) Busy is good, right?
  • 19:35:52: @vargasl I only ask because I love NaNoWriMo so much and it's the same people doing it. I've made great friends and gotten lots written :)
  • 19:41:32: @clairethomey Oh, MAN, that sounds good. lol
  • 20:00:37: Unwinding with breakfast-for-dinner, Bones, and #u30pro chat. Good times. #u30pro
  • 20:03:40: RT @DavidSpinks: Q1: When you need help in your job or career, where do you turn? A1: Boss, parents, objective 3rd party. #u30pro
  • 20:07:00: Also, re: Q1, people who have the career or path I would like to have (usually friends from Twitter). #u30pro
  • 20:13:28: Great idea! RT @ryanstephens I send my professors articles from my reader that are applicable to their specialties to stay in touch #u30pro
  • 20:19:15: Re; #u30pro Q2: It's great to ask people you DO know for suggestions of who *they* might ask a similar question. #u30pro
  • 20:20:19: Good to know. RT @DavidSpinks: A2: Some of my best mentors have come out of me asking for a quick chat to get some advice. #u30pro
  • 20:24:48: @PRcreator Great idea. I like that. #u30pro
  • 20:25:40: @ryanstephens Nice idea re: Excel spreadsheet of contacts. Think I might steal that ;) #u30pro
  • 20:33:57: @MeghanJG Oh, NO! Are you okay? *hugs*
  • 20:39:49: @MeghanJG Sending healing thoughts and hugs your way. I hope you get better quickly!
  • 20:49:54: RT @DavidSpinks: If you do it yourself, youll be better at it. Then you can teach others = best way to master something. #u30pro
  • 20:51:46: I think it's also important to know when to give up, admit you don't know everything and ask for the help you need. #u30pro
  • 20:54:36: @sadoty It's terrible, but people do it all the time. #u30pro
  • 20:55:21: @sadoty I'd rather ask 1? and learn to do something right than repeatedly do something wrong for fear of admitting I don't know. #u30pro
  • 20:59:32: #BONES is killing me.
  • 22:24:06: @vargasl Writing: a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ;)
  • 22:47:28: w00t! RT @unmarketing: 4.5 months until the UnMarketing book hits the shelves. Just got lil tingles
  • 22:48:37: @kionsanders Seriously? My boyfriend once did that for an entire weekend. SO annoying :P
  • 22:52:16: @TransitionalTee Awesome. Props to you and @AmberCadabra. Good colleagues and friends are hard to find, esp. when in the same person.
  • 22:55:00: @kionsanders He's cool. Very silly, but great. Just got off the phone with him - he was on his way home from Kung Fu class lol
  • 22:55:39: @kionsanders P.S. I love me some Family Guy, as well as the Simpsons - and King of the Hill, too. And Boondocks. I just love cartoons. :P
  • 23:01:14: Photo: Rollerskating, anyone? :) [texturism:itsallinmyhead:designjunkie:ummhello ]
  • 23:05:08: @kionsanders Hahaha will do. The bird is the word...
  • 23:07:12: RT @Alyssa_Milano: I choose happiness. And every day, I wake up grateful for the people in my life that make happiness the easier choice.
  • 23:07:50: And with that last, I am heading off to bed, looking forward to another day. Exhausted, but content.

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