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  • 07:27:37: @yurikokinje Vermillion was really nice. We just had appetizers (cured olives and artichoke dip), but food was great, nice atmosphere, too.
  • 07:27:51: @AnnKingman Haha. Good one. :)
  • 07:28:39: @glnster Oooo. @feedly is working on an iPhone app? That would make me really happy. I use it everyday on the computer :)
  • 07:33:47: RT @maddisondesigns: The Most Badass Alphabet Ever [images]: *AWESOME.
  • 08:33:57: Coffee coffee coffee on a rainy Friday morning (@ Starbucks)
  • 09:01:09: @yurikokinje My faves were B, D, I, and J. S was pretty sweet, though. :)
  • 09:02:03: @Choodomir To that I say, "I got 99 problems but a b*^#% ain't one..." ;)
  • 09:02:53: @heather11483 Seriously? Ouch.
  • 09:03:25: RT @Osyrn: #thoughtfortheday "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not." A.Gide #radicalselflove
  • 09:06:27: @katewrightson @thekeylime Heehee. I love your collective dorkiness. Also, I'm going to my first poker night next Fri. Aren't you proud? ;)
  • 09:27:54: @BreRoz Hahaha. Bre, your video was too cute. Thanks for the tidbits about you. You've inspired me. I think I need to make one about me. ;)
  • 09:29:31: Are you a poker player? If so, follow these sassy ladies: @thekeylime and @katewrightson #followfriday They'll keep you on your toes.
  • 09:36:42: @CooleyHorner Hey, C. How's your Friday going? Random, but I totally love your avatar. That smile is infectious. :)
  • 09:51:36: @CooleyHorner Definitely! I will make a list of Tweeps and blogs and email them to you.
  • 09:53:19: #followfriday Sara(h)s RULE edition! @prsarahevans @sara_mc @SaraBareilles @sarahdiemer @SarahMcLachlan @sarahprout @SarahRobinson @SaraLang
  • 09:55:25: @sarahdiemer Of course! Sarah, you rule! :) <3 you.
  • 09:56:15: Sage advice from @chrisbrogan: Don't wait for other people to praise you. Work on the next thing and the next. Improve. (via @SarahRobinson)
  • 10:08:18: @BreRoz Now I have to, huh? :P
  • 10:08:36: @thekeylime I did know that, actually. Doesn't he have a poker blog and everything, too? :)
  • 10:50:46: @heather11483 What's going on with Amanda Palmer and the *ironic racism*?? Those Tweets make me nervous. Pls elaborate or link.
  • 11:00:47: Okay... time to Get Things Done. Head down, tunes blaring, time to rock and roll.
  • 11:19:40: @glnster Rock on. Thanks, Glenn. I'll keep my eye on it ;)
  • 11:24:16: @gracesmith Bwahahaha. Some of the #dontdoit ideas crack me up. And I'm not even IN graphic/web design (yet). :P
  • 11:25:44: I have learned more from Twitter & blogs in the last year than some people learn in 4yrs of college... feeling lucky, grateful. Thanks, all!
  • 11:38:38: @Gail_Hart @CooleyHorner Thanks for the followfriday love, ladies. :)
  • 12:27:55: RT @justcreative: Haven't seen a business card this good for a while: Many more creative cards here:
  • 12:54:59: RT @montiac712: Venn diagrams - the first refuge of dorks, dweebs, geeks and nerds #apparentlyiamnotadorkbutageek
  • 12:55:37: @montiac712 If you like that, you should check out: - One of my favorite blogs. :)
  • 12:55:53: @sara_mc Absolutely! :) How are you this fine #followfriday?
  • 13:02:56: @sara_mc Ouch. Running sounds great - if I could run. Looking forward to healthy homemade dinner, SyFy's Alice & Mario Kart tonight.
  • 13:06:45: @twitter and @tumblr, it would be nice if you played well together. kthx, S
  • 13:07:15: @curtaincalls Ooo. Love Kate Earl. :)
  • 13:37:38: For all of you small business owners and/or freelancers - how did you come up with the name of your business? I'd love to know.
  • 13:46:11: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: She & Him (96), God Help The Girl (28) and Jimi Hendrix (25)
  • 13:49:28: @SummerPlum @MommyGeekology Love the idea of playing w/thesaurus. I want something with "staying power", if you will.
  • 13:50:41: @yurikokinje Well, Vol.1 is in rotation, of course and Vol. 2 just came out, so I had to give it a few listens. Need more M. Ward in my life
  • 13:55:13: @yurikokinje Yes.
  • 13:59:08: George Takei says BE COUNTED: This is awesome Live long and prosper! (via @montiac712)
  • 14:00:39: @MommyGeekology Starting with graphic design, may expand to web development and/or new media.
  • 14:03:47: @SummerPlum I love that name. It's a good one. :) Makes me want to drink tea!
  • 14:18:20: @MommyGeekology Great advice. Thanks! :)
  • 14:19:03: @kstreetkate Don't you just hate that. I think living here has made me a cynic. :/
  • 14:19:37: Amen! RT @TomOKeefe1 Reminding myself that A-Things happen 4 a reason, B-1 door closes, another opens, & C-Dig deep & press on!
  • 14:22:13: Gorgeous, vibrant, dynamic photos of Holi festival celebrations in Pushkar, India, by @scottwitt via @brainpicker
  • 14:56:47: @theplaiddress Heeheehee. It's Friday, you're excused. ;)
  • 15:08:59: Twitter tip: if you only ever post links to other folks' blog posts, you're not really adding anything to the conversation.
  • 15:43:18: RT @prodigaljohn: Social justice is like yoga. It's fun to say you're into it but unless you're sweating you're not really doing it.
  • 15:48:06: @corysd Do you leave comments on the blog itself? Do you Tweet your own content now and then? Find a way to contribute :)
  • 15:50:57: @technosailor I'm trying to teach myself WP. What books or tutorials do you recommend for a beginner?
  • 15:52:39: WTF? @ALIBIHQ provides fake alibis, references. That's just shady.
  • 16:01:25: @technosailor Thanks so much! :)
  • 16:16:54: @thekeylime #creepy #delete #Ew indeed! SORRY! :( Blech. *running away now*
  • 16:36:45: Feeling a bit burnt out at the moment. Have had productive day and week, but ready for the weekend!
  • 16:44:32: RT @tjdietderich: Geek dust: what one is covered with after spending 30 minutes under a desk trying to fix a computer.
  • 16:48:37: Self-Respect Is Important for Self & Community: In Life, There's No GPA Create something only YOU can! #radicalselflove
  • 16:54:35: Some of the things people say on Twitter are really quite offensive. Let's keep it positive, folks!
  • 19:39:40: @sarahprout You're so welcome. :)
  • 19:44:29: Watching @Syfy's Alice... with this and Tin Man, I'm loving the new takes on classics.
  • 20:05:55: @LonelyTourist Because people keep talking about her. Shhh. Don't say her name.
  • 20:14:38: @DaniBurns27 that sounds super tasty! I'd love to try one.
  • 20:15:53: RT @Mattdavelewis: A working class hero is something to be.
  • 20:21:16: @joaniemaloney very! Loving it so far! Curry, Bates, Potts, and the actress playing Alice! :)

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