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  • 08:57:44: #justfortherecord I love the splashguards. (@ Starbucks w/ @dcgrrl)
  • 09:04:45: @dcgrrl I *just* missed you at Starbucks this morning. LOL We should do lunch sometime. Post Pub, maybe? :)
  • 09:10:00: Seriously? That's terrible! :( RT @Marc_Meyer: OH this am. "When in doubt...throw the intern under the bus"..
  • 09:10:59: @AmberCadabra Seriously FTW. I wish we'd do that more. Meetings can be such a time-suck.
  • 09:12:10: Reading a great article: 9 Social Media Topics that Need To Die by @AmberCadabra - Hit the nail on the head, Amber!
  • 09:17:17: Good morning, @amymengel @amberportercox @ScottHepburn @sonnygill @chuckhemann @BethHarte What great things are you up to?
  • 09:28:51: @amymengel Very nice. :)
  • 09:31:02: @amberportercox Good times. Ditto on the coffee, working on getting some people paid, emails, web content updates, and a staff mtg, here.
  • 09:31:20: @MadysonDesigns Thank you, my dear. Same to you! :)
  • 09:33:56: For all of you iPhone users out there, which Twitter client do you use on your phone? Using TD, but it's a bit clunky. Suggestions?
  • 09:36:05: @MadysonDesigns @gracesmith @frankidurbin @fleurdeleigh Loving the creative, powerful, feminine energy this morning. Rock it out! :)
  • 09:37:47: @heather11483 @jhoysi @BreRoz @yurikokinje Awesome. Thanks for the advice, ladies. :)
  • 09:41:21: Going Green in Graphic Design *Great article, good advice for any business via @MadysonDesigns
  • 09:41:57: @compoundj @theplaiddress Cool. Thanks for the input :)
  • 09:53:04: @heather11483 Ooo. Samurai Champloo! I need to finish watching that. Have only watched like 3 eps, but love it.
  • 09:53:54: RT @AmberCadabra: RT @jeffpulver Hire people who don’t have experience. They don’t know what can’t be done, sometimes just do the impossible
  • 10:02:59: @atlimbo rock it out, girl! :)
  • 10:10:40: Thanks for the iPhone Twitter-app recs. Trying out Tweetie 2 for the time being (sticking with TD on the computer, though). :)
  • 10:43:09: @BethHarte Fun! I'm working on web and social media for our grantees, payments, going to a mtg; creative projects on the horizon. :)
  • 10:55:52: Merry Go Round: Short and Sweet Spring Edition
  • 11:11:43: @dcgrrl No. I didn't even know it was today, unfortunately. :(
  • 11:14:56: I am kicking @$$ and taking names today. Rock ON. \,,/,
  • 11:34:19: GoodGuide iPhone app looks interesting. Anyone tried it?
  • 11:49:21: @ScottHepburn Pretty well, thanks. Getting lots done today, looking forward to the weekend. :)
  • 11:49:35: @carpenyx Aww.
  • 11:50:23: @sara_mc Looks like it has a lot of potential. It is only in beta, so I'm sure it's got a few kinks. Something to come back to, I guess.
  • 11:59:56: Now I want some! RT @bozoette: I need more potato chips. I believe the entire world needs more potato chips. Preferably w/sea salt & vinegar
  • 12:04:20: RT @malindalo: What I learned about writing ... in painting class: #dcnano
  • 12:19:14: Mac OS X Productivity: Part 2-Applications, Spaces & Exposé from @gracesmith
  • 12:19:29: @warriorgrrl Kick butt, grrl! ;)
  • 12:37:02: @heather11483 A bit early for April Fools, isn't it?
  • 12:39:51: Be Your Own Guru by @jonathanfields - inspiring, challenging, and kind - via @AmberCadabra
  • 13:36:20: @curtaincalls Okay, I want acai pomegranate coconut juice and snuggly pups on rainy afternoons...
  • 13:47:10: @curtaincalls :) Okay, seriously, you have to come visit (and bring me puppies!) LOL
  • 14:25:15: @Osyrn *snort*
  • 14:28:54: Wtf, Google Chrome? Why so crashy? :(
  • 14:35:21: @heather11483 Well, I switch back and forth now because 1 or the other is always crashing. LJ and Chrome do not play nice. :(
  • 14:38:38: @JenKlunk @heather11483 Bwahahaha.
  • 14:43:11: @montiac712 @heather11483 @JenKlunk Hahaha. OMG I love you guys. #iamadork but #wearedorkstogether
  • 14:46:37: @elsiecake I don't even want to think about that. Yikes! Too much. :P
  • 15:14:42: I have decided that chocolate does not belong to any food group in particular and, thus, does not count toward calorie intake.
  • 15:24:26: @fabricofmylife Ooo. Yum. I've been drinking caramel cappuccinos, but I could easily be suaded to enjoy a butterscotch latte.
  • 15:26:32: Someone's being wooed ;) RT @RochelleVeturis: Client sends PR firm flowers and chocolates It's because @TDefren rocks!!!
  • 15:48:10: There are just some days when Questionable Content hits the nail on the head...
  • 16:20:56: #inboxzero before 5pm - HOLLA! :) (Plus, ahead of schedule on other projects this wk due to short staff mtg!)
  • 16:27:39: @tscottyd Ditto that, my friend!
  • 16:51:34: @CooleyHorner Good stuff. Chris is a great dude. Haven't met him in person, but love his blog.
  • 16:52:34: @CooleyHorner Also, saw you left a comment on @AmberCadabra's blog. She's such a smarty-pants and lovely person, too (met her last yr).
  • 16:55:54: @CooleyHorner Rock on. Let me know if you want some other recs for PR Tweeps/blogs. Happy to share! :)
  • 17:16:50: Have placed two calls to AT&T in the past week; both have been pleasant. Thanks for the great customer service!
  • 18:54:51: I'm at Vermilion Restaurant (1120 King St., Alexandria).
  • 20:02:44: Catching up on blog reading while I wait for the train. Starting to rain. (@ King Street Metro Station w/ 2 others)
  • 20:51:29: @Gail_Hart glad to hear it! :)
  • 20:51:30: @AnnKingman should be called Self-Restraint ;)
  • 20:53:50: Loving Tweetie 2 for iPhone. Thanks for the recs, everyone. Now, best RSS (Google) reader app for iPhone?
  • 20:55:14: @idesignstudios would love a sneak peek, Selene. :)

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