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Jan. 1st, 2011 11:52 am
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028. design website for GSWI
029. send a random care package to a friend
030. learn html
031. complete CSS workbook
032. teach self how to convert PSD to HTML/CSS
033. learn how to fully use PS (learn what all buttons/tools are for, etc.)
034. learn how to use Illustrator
035. build my own website from scratch (portfolio)
036. learn how to play at least one videogame
037. save enough money and get out of debt enough to be in a position for a down payment on a house by the time I turn 30 (8/27/2012)
038. adopt a dog from ASPCA or Humane Society
039. find a church where I feel comfortable
040. make a donation to a charity for $100
041. buy a pair of flannel pajamas
042. move into a new place summer 2009 and pay movers to do it instead of moving myself
043. organize my DVD library
044. watch all the DVDs I own that I haven't seen yet
045. start doing laundry biweekly
046. finish reading the Bone series (4/9)
047. read all of Kathy Reichs' novels (2/11)
048. finish reading all the books I own and haven't read yet (or sell them, or both)
049. help [personal profile] rosaline924 edit her novel
050. plan a trip to California
051. put together a digital portfolio of graphics projects and website work
052. visit my parents in the Bahamas
053. get car inspected, checked for emissions, oil change, tires rotated, registered in VA
054. start an lj scrapbook
055. drink less Diet Coke (down to less than one a day, preferably... more like one a week)
056. create one piece of original artwork every week for one year, not including photographs (0/52)
057. make exercise a daily routine
058. learn to actually swim (strokes)
059. update resume and create a CV
060. learn to play one entire song on guitar
061. send all friends who want one a Valentine's Day card
062. iron clothes once a month
063. complete writing a novel in one month, even if not in November
064. sell Obama papers on eBay
065. get a professional pedicure (01/16/2009)
066. visit Ferry Beach
067. get new glasses
068. upload all photos from Jordan to my computer
069. start a monthly game/trivia night with E
070. write in my paper journal at least once a week for a year (0/52)
071. read more poetry
072. re-read Jesus, the Carpenter's Son
073. cook at least one new recipe every 2 weeks
074. see Harry Potter on opening night
075. lose 20 pounds
076. grocery shop twice a week and spend no more than $30 absolute maximum (preferably $20)
077. volunteer to be a judge for DC Shorts Film Festival
078. buy new underwear & bras
079. watch entire West Wing series (2/7)
080. get in the habit of taking my Prozac every single day
081. get rid of all the make-up I don't use
082. get in the habit of flossing teeth at least once a day
083. take lunch to work at least three times a week
084. celebrate 1-year anniversary at the same organization (work)
085. dry-clean clothes every two months
086. send a message in a bottle
087. buy a really expensive designer bag just for the sake of it
088. do something nice for a friend without them knowing it was me
089. see at least one theater performance
090. see GBS in concert again in August
091. send all my friends birthday cards on their birthdays
092. watch LOST from the beginning
093. have fun at Leaky Con & show [personal profile] anijade around Boston
094. try something new every time I order out Chinese
095. learn not to feel guilty for spending money on myself
096. make a nightly routine I can stick to that includes taking out contacts, brushing teeth, washing face, moisturizing, etc.
097. clean out all my contacts in gmail and on my phone
098. make at least two new icon sets for [profile] dewdroplets every month (7/66)
099. see at least one independent film and one foreign film in 2009
100. see at least 20 classic movies
101. make new 101 list for the next 1001 days

Completed: 32/101 (01/14/2010)

Buy an orchid (Angelus got me one for Valentine's Day! but it died D: so now I have to do this again?)
Mail a secret to postsecret
Organize my jewelry
Write a random quote on a post-it, and stick it inside a book at the library
Visit Mere (and other friends?) in Australia

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